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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Enjoy festive season's positive energy to re-energize ourselves

Happy Vishu
Today, we in Kerala celebrated Vishu. 

Vishu is an important festival in Kerala. This day marks the first day of the New year according to the traditional Malayalam calendar. In olden days harvest took place during this festive season.

The yellow flower that you see on the image is 'Kanikkonna' (Cassia fistula), the most important item when we arrange "Vishukkani", for everyone in the family to see very first on that day when they get up early morning signifying prosperity and God's blessings throughout the year.

I have written in detail about Vishu last year; please check :

I wish you a very happy Vishu!
  • Festive season brings joy, peace and elevates mood. Such occasions bring a lot of positive energy. Celebrate it! 
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