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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Fluidity of horizons by Parvathi Nayar, an amazing art, Kochi Muziris biennale 2014

"The starting point of these explorations is the dot, the punctum (the point) whose endless iterations..."  I liked it, very meaningful words!

This brilliant artist has included so many facets of the ancient history of the Malabar coast in this work especially the skillful integration of 'astrolabe', an astronomical instrument widely used by explorers during that time.

Beautiful creation!

A must see art, do not miss it 😊

Pepper, dubbed as the 'black gold' and other condiments and spices attracted many explorers to this part of the world that led to a series of historical events which as you all know finally became a double-edged sword - the story of how the visitors became the rulers!   watch the interview with the artist.

I have written a post some time ago about the 'Ibn Battuta mall' in Dubai where I have posted a picture of Islamic astrolabe

Artists are creative people. They express ideas in a creative manner stimulating us to think, enjoy and smile :) Art can become powerful tools to convey messages, and it may trigger many complex emotions. It is a powerful medium. 
  • Only art can reflect certain delicate aspects of life.
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