Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Green tea, a poem about this awesome health drink

It is healthy, all green, full of vitality
Invigorating, refreshing, relaxing
Makes us energetic, lively, happy
Thanks to the different varieties!

Easy to prepare, each drop precious
Make it a habit, health is wealth
No need to sweeten, take it plain   
But we like it bitter, a cool drink, it is!

Flavor it, let it be mint or jasmine
Or pure, lemon, orange or apple
Enjoy it, feel it, savor it in whole 
Give it to guests, share the secret!

So many varieties, so many flavors
From many regions, some exotic
Some organic, better ! but all good
Take it, be recharged, be healthy!

* Health is wealth. We have to eat right to maintain optimal health.  Always safeguard health.

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jonathan said...

Are these your own words or from a jingle of this green tea. They must pay you for advertising, lol! What a coincidence, since I got one box last night from the supermarket.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Thanks Jonathan.

Good thing you got a box of green tea. Green tea as you know is an excellent health drink.

These are my own words. :)I had written this poem sometime ago. Now only I decided to publish it.

I bought this promo pack with that cute mug included while I was in Dubai in the beginning of this year.

Oh:) Lipton might make me their brand ambassador !!

Amelia said...

Hi Rajiv, excellent poem. You're good, 2 thumbs up for you. I take green tea too, 2 to 3 times a week. But I take bee pollen and raw honey everyday. Green tea is one of the best compare to other tea leaves.

After finish drinking, I use the tea leaves to exfoliate my face. Scrub lightly using the finger tips once a week only. The balance I use it for my hands and legs. Don't waste the tea leaves after all it's still useful. :))

Oh, thanks for dropping by my blog again. By the way... I'm an operating theater nurse, love my job but I had to quit my job to take care of my daughter. So I switched to office hour job doing marketing and since then stick to it till now. Oh, I'm from Malaysia not Indonesia.

Have a great day.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Great ! Awesome comment !

External application of green tea leaves is also good ! It helps in keeping the skin glowing. It is an accepted natural skin treatment. If you are using tea leaves residue for external application it is better to use plain green tea and not flavoured ones. Just be careful, it might stain clothes.

Those who desire to use it for the first time test the residue over a small area on the legs or hands and wait for sometime, to test if there is allergy. If there is no irritation then its ok.

I always take plain green tea. Don't like flavored ones like lemon, apple etc. But it is also fine. Some don't like the bitter plain green tea.

Sorry, I thought you are from Indonesia. I visited Malaysia about 5 years ago. Beautiful country, good people ! Seen Petronas towers, its awesome !

Best of luck, happy blogging !

Joy said...

Sorry for late visit. I have been reading your post through my phone and everytime I tried to enter follow your blog, it won't work. Now, I do it in my pc and it worked.
Thanks for following:)
Anyway, thumbs up to the poem! I am a tea drinker too:)

Irina said...

oh, I adore green tea, I'd sign under each line of the poem. Is that yours, btw? Have you tried Chinese or Japanese green tea? Genmaicha with roasted rice? This is a real treat! I've been present at many tea ceremonies in China - in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, where graceful oriental beauties make tea and tell of their varieties. A great experience!

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Some things won't work in smart phones unless you install some apps.
In PC everything is possible.

Green tea is accepted all over the world as an awesome health drink. Good that you have included it in your diet.

Thanks for the compliments.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Hi Irina, thanks a ton for your visit here and the comment written. I am honored.

The poem is my own creation. I have written some more in the blog.
Please check the post http://magicalpresent.blogspot.in/2013/02/beauty-of-nature.html

Another one is about Bluey, our pet cat.

I have tasted all sorts of teas, chinese, japanese, srilankan, so many exotic teas in India like Darjeeling, Munnar in Kerala etc. etc. As you know the mountain ranges in Kerala have exotic tea plantations. I will blog soon about Munnar, where tea plantations provide wonderful view. So we, Keralites, are familiar with tea cultivation.

Didn't get a chance to experience tea ceremony yet but visited many Japanese restaurants and enjoyed so many of their delicious dishes. I watch NHK, the Japanese TV channel regularly. I simply love it !

Nice to know that you have attended a tea ceremony. Hope you will blog about it soon.

Please visit again and add comments please.

Irina said...

Never tasted Munnar, thanks for the tip! I'll be looking forward to your post on it, Rajiv. As for blogging about a tea ceremony, I'm not sure. Sort of restricted by the name of my blog, you know...
I'm always glad to hear from you. I'm very busy and cannot reply promptly sometimes, but I do. I have replied to your comment on Paper Books vs. Digital Books, thank you!

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Hi Irina, thanks so much.

You might have heard about TATA, the famous Indian Company. They manufacture 'nano car' which is very small and cute and is popular all over the world. This conglomerate has so many business ventures and tea is one among them. They have 'Tetley green tea' which is awesome ! I drink it daily. Before I was using 'Twinnings' which as you know is magnificent.

'Kannan devan plantations' in the high mountain ranges of Kerala with Munnar included has a brand of green tea called 'Ripple'. I tried it and it is wonderful.

This very large Company has all its employees as share holders !




Check all the above links, you will get a clear picture. I have seen the presence of Tetley in Lithuania and Latvia on their website.

No problem, try to visit as much as possible and add valuable comments like this. I treasure such comments from awesome people like you. I am honored.

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I've heard how good green tea is. I'll have to give it a try.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Yes, it is very good for health. Try it ! There are so many brands like Twinnings, Lipton, Tetley etc. Organic ones would be better.

Joy said...

Dropping by again to say hello:)
Thanks for back reading my entries. You are so kind. Yes,I am missing updates from you too. But life is like that. We have to prioritize sometimes.
Have a nice weekend:)

Różowa Szminka said...

I really like green tea

Blackswan said...

I'm a tea drink too, & would sometimes use the leftover tea bags to put over my eyes. Don't waste, just like what Amelia had said :) Beautiful piece of poem......

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Wow, great !
Thanks for the comment, feel free to write comments next time you visit here.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Hi Shirley, many thanks for the comment.
External application of green tea leaves is good.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Hi Joy, thanks a lot.

love tea said...

hey, i respect you for this fantastic poem to my only best drinking , beautiful blog really

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