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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Beauty of Nature, butterflies - a poem

Hopping, singing, dancing, caressing, not missing anyone 
Enjoying the beauty, satisfying all, tasting the sweet nectar 
Now I know why they sing, dance, radiate color, smiling 
Lucky you, make them happier, let them sparkle with joy! 

Who weaved those colors on your garment, magnificent? 
Who taught you those graceful movements, the melody? 
Who sent you to sprinkle delight, satisfy, instill vitality? 
Who created you beautiful, lovely, making others envious? 

Allow me to touch you sweet, let me feel the velvety wings 
Let me come closer, let me hear you singing the divine tune 
The chorus too, by the already blossomed, dancing beauties
Let us all sing together, with the soft, gentle breeze around!

Come every day, this is yours, all yours, enjoy, all the time
There are many to blossom, in the days to come, all beauties
Let us try new tunes, new chorus, radiate warmth, joy, and love 
It is you who makes it vibrant, colorful, the blessing of nature!

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