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Sunday, 14 October 2018

An important motivational tip for success: Never ever give up!

Easier said than done!

Maybe, but it is not easy for everyone to say 'never give up' or 'never ever give up'. It needs a lot of courage to utter these words earnestly to someone who has experienced repeated setbacks or to ourselves as self-talk in the form of a positive affirmation when we do not have a clue what to do in the midst of turmoil. We all agree words have the power to instill positive energy but most of the time we feel like words hurting, the negative energy of filthy tongues inflicting deep wounds on us that take a long time to heal. And the so-called 'well-wishers', 'friends', 'acquaintances' etc. by some social mechanism become talented in poking at these wounds, again and again, applying hot chilly also in a good measure so that they remain non-healing. The human mind is sensitive to the negative life events with fear-flight response to a serious stimulus overpowering the emotions of positive occurrences. It requires a lot of effort on the part of the sufferer to overcome such fears fighting the demons of negativity by pumping positive energy into one's own mind. If someone persistently talks positively with conviction, then that will be a great motivating factor! We need powerful and skilfull motivators in life. 

Some people have the habit of not giving up until they succeed. Even if they fail they will continue trying until they attain their goals. Such traits are not acquired overnight, they are the results of years of practice. It is interesting to find out how a habit is formed. First, we get some clue from the world we live in about something good which triggers thought processes in our brain. We weigh the pros and cons of this particular thing whether to accept it or discard. If it is accepted then slowly we start doing it bit by bit, then the action phase begins. If we feel good there is a high probability that we will repeat the process until it becomes a habit. With the happiness derived from this activity, there occurs a reinforcing pattern of thoughts which strengthens the habit. The process is the same with bad habits as well, sadly such things easily get ingrained in our minds. 

It is better to believe that there will be light at the end of the dark tunnel. Some solution will pop up one day or the other for even the most serious problem and with the passage of time, we tend to feel less the trauma. Such bad phases will eventually pass, do not worry too much! Be hopeful.  The important thing remember is to do something or never stop trying. In short, it is:

Never ever give up!
  • It is advisable to say 'I will never give up' as a positive affirmation to replace the negative self-talk to help the mind generate positive energy. Make it a habit that will steer clear the obstacles bringing the desired results.
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Monday, 10 June 2013

101 Simple secrets to keep your hope alive - a book review


Today I decided to rearrange my bookshelf. How we have changed in the modern times, always reading ebooks in iPad, Kindle, laptop or desktops or smartphones and almost stopped reading books in the old fashioned way. I was surprised finding so many books in my shelf both in English and in the Malayalam language, our mother tongue.

So today's post is a book review.
The title of the book is 101 Simple secrets to keep your hope alive. 

A simple book, nothing complicated. I forgot when I bought it, I think it was when I made a trip to Bangalore in 2002. I do not remember reading this book in detail anytime. What a lapse it was from my side! This book is a must read. It has many beautiful and inspiring quotes by great people like Aristotle, William Shakespeare, Mother Theresa and the like. Awesome...!

The book starts with a proverb 'a cheerful heart is good medicine'. :)

Laugh more - especially at yourself. Laughter is the cheapest, safest, and most reliable medication there is. 

Another one - Appreciating what you have is one way to keep your hopes up.

Fall in love with God.

Pleasure in moderation relaxes and tempers the spirit. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! :)

Give hope to others - it will do wonders for you too.

This book has inspiring quotes, practical insights and powerful reminders that will help us find hope when nothing is there to be hopeful. It helps in finding out God's presence in our life especially during a crisis. I would recommend this book to everyone, just keep it in your library, one day you or someone would benefit from it.

Originally published by the Honor Books, Colorado. Compiled by Betsy Williams.

If anyone of you has read this wonderful book, please share your opinion here.
  • Finding hope in the midst of crises is not easy. Such books really shine a beacon of hope when dark clouds of hopelessness cover life. Never lose hope. Always believe, there are plenty of solutions for each and every problem in life, be hopeful!
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