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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Peaks and valleys - a book review

A great book!

'Who moved my cheese ?' was the first book I read written by Dr. Spencer Johnson. What an awesome book it was! Enjoyed it so many times over all these years. Now another gem...'Peaks and valleys'!

The story revolves around a wise old man and a young chap about tackling successfully the low downsides in life and to make use of it too work for our own good both in work and life. It also details how we can enjoy more while at the peak, prolong this phase as well as to prepare ourselves to deal with the inevitable valley life in a better way.

Simply written, sure you all will enjoy this motivational book.
  • While at the peak, at the pinnacle of a career, basking in the glory of limelight we may not think how lonely it can become when a crisis hits. Books like these give hope, restore confidence and provide great help when nothing seems working. 
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