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Monday, 4 February 2013

Living the present well - a snap shot

Some of the moments that really merits living well... it is very easy to preach to live in the present moment; to practice it, as you all will agree, is not that easy. But no harm in giving it a try.....well..  there is nothing to lose anyways....!

 A cool breeze was blowing, it was wonderful...!

Some moments like this in life are precious; we just fully "live" these moments.

It was a wonderful experience walking along the Dubai Creek; many expat nationalities were on sight, plenty of tourists as well. Sure, Nature had uplifted the mood of everyone...!

It was a very refreshing evening...!
Watch the video

Nature, especially seaside and breeze over there are refreshingly cool. It is a wonderful experience soaking in the Natural beauty enjoying the undulating waves embracing the shore. 

Be cool; enjoy life; smile often; live the present moment well! 
  • Resonating with the positivity of mother Nature undoubtedly will uplift our mood. The natural sounds, cool breeze, and the lovely evening Sunshine...all these are for us, why do we cannot 'see' and 'feel' such wonderful things?   
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