Thursday, 14 April 2016

Enjoy festive season's positive energy to re-energize ourselves

Today we in Kerala celebrated Vishu. 

Vishu is an important festival in Kerala. This day marks the first day of the New year according to the traditional malayalam calendar. In olden days harvest took place during this festive season.

The yellow flower that you see on the GIF image is 'Kanikkonna' ( Cassia fistula ), the most important item when we arrange " Vishukkani", for everyone in the family to see very first on that day when they get up early morning signifying prosperity and God's blessings through out the year.

I have written in detail about Vishu last year; please check :

I wish you a very happy Vishu !

  • Festive season brings joy, peace and elevates mood. Such occasions bring lot of positive energy. Celebrate it ! 

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Sandee said...

Happy Vishu to you and yours. ☺

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Thanks :)

jonathan said...

It is also the Thai New Year in here thus the weeklong off for many people. I went upcountry and still mesmerized how these yellow bearing flower trees lined up along the highway, brightens up this spring. Happy Vishu to you and have a great Sunday!

Amelia said...

Hi Rajiv, Happy Vishu to you and family. Sorry for my late greetings.

Best regards.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Yes, it coincides with Songkran.
Have a nice week ahead.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Thank you :)
Have an awesome week ahead.

Birgitta said...

Lovely! Happy Vishu to you :) Ps: I used a graphic program to do the glitter :)

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

The picture on your blog is absolutely stunning with that silvery glitter! Thank you for your beautiful comment, Birgitta.

Tomoko said...

Merry Christmas! I went though your posts. Your photos are gorgeous,Rajiv.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, Tomoko. Merry Christmas!

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