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Monday, 5 May 2014

Negotiation, an art

This book gave me valuable insights into the many facets of the art of negotiation. I added this very informative book to my library some years ago during one of my travels. Being a small book I could finish it within a few hours. Very interesting read!

Herb Cohen is an expert in negotiation. His biography mentions many high profile clients who have availed his expertise in their negotiations.

Rules are the product of negotiations but then they can also be subjected to negotiation. It does not mean that you cannot put forward an application even after the deadline. I have many experiences in life where the so-called deadlines have been broken by the same authority who made those deadlines initially. There is no harm in negotiating to get what you want! Cohen is right :)

It is easy to say 'no' through email and telephone but it is difficult to say 'no' face-to-face. So take advantage of this if you are a hard negotiator.

Escalate the matter with somebody higher up and you can see dramatic changes happening. The problem is we do not try. We are psyched into following rulebooks. We are habitually reluctant to negotiate.

Be persistent! We may have to run from pillar to post but that finally will get us the reward even if it was tiny! Do not just sit idle doing nothing thinking that the rules and decisions are final. Nothing in life is static, there is fluidity everywhere, today's wrong is tomorrow's right. In our place there is a saying, ' The baby who cries more gets the milk first'! 

Cohen who knows very well the intricacies and complexities of the corporate world seems to be knowing a thing or two how things work in organizations and this book is a valuable read for ordinary people like us who is under the impression that everything is black and white in the present day world, having no experience with the so-called grey areas.

If I see a board or sign and if I am in a situation where I think negotiation will work I surely will try. Mixed results but there were many positive outcomes 😊 Thanks for the book😊
Thanks, Cohen!

Some of his famous quotes :

"You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” 

“No' is a reaction, not a position. The people who react negatively to your proposal simply need time to evaluate it and adjust their thinking. With the passage of sufficient time and repeated efforts on your part, almost every 'no' can be transformed into a 'maybe' and eventually a 'yes'.
  • Always be persistent if you believe that what you are trying to achieve is right. Listen to your gut feelings, act accordingly, boost yourself! Rules and regulations are made by human beings like you and like you, they also have feelings and in that case, negotiations are possible. Nothing called dead ends exist anywhere!
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