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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Laughter is the best medicine😊 - join an online laughter club..😊

Laughter is the best medicine 😊
I am totally convinced about this saying; there is no doubt about it!

I recently joined online 'Skype laughter club'. Wow, what an experience... cool!

I was contemplating joining a laughter club ever since I began researching the amazing beneficial effects of laughter. There is a wonderful laughter club in my city but they meet early in the mornings and to reach there through heavy traffic will take almost an hour, so I found it difficult to join them. Moreover, it will take much more time after returning home to get prepared to go for work. I then googled about online laughter clubs that took me to the well known 'laughter yoga website' and also to the 'skype laughter club'. Every day at a scheduled time, a coordinator will come online via Skype, start laughing along with whoever interested in laughing out loud. They will add you too if you follow the instructions on their website about how to join, all for free! It is so easy and convenient :)

I am completely satisfied with skype laughter club. Here we are laughing, sitting at home, with other cool people from different parts of the world and enjoying the amazing health benefits of laughing out loud, all free of cost! The only investment probably would be our laptop and the internet charges. Lie on a couch, sit relaxed in a chair or do whatever you want and LOL.

Select the timings convenient for us. Time conversion is made easy by a link provided over there. You will find detailed instructions on how to join the club on the website. Download the latest Skype, check the headset speakers, microphone and test it all with the tool Skype has provided. Follow the instructions that you see on the 'Skypelaughteryoga' site and start LOL. You can type text, send emoticons and crack jokes with the group while lol. If you are interested send and watch the video too.

Laugh out really loud, let it become contagious, enjoy, stimulate others too to lol, and make the session lively and wonderful. If other family members are interested let them also join you.

Laughter has gained a lot of attention recently especially in the medical community. A lot of research is going on about it. Online you will find so many studies made by reputed centers agreeing to the age-old saying ' laughter is the best medicine '. Some of the beneficial effects are:
  • It relaxes our body. Work pressures, emotions, stressful thoughts, the list is endless, that make muscles in our body to go into a state of tightness. The moment we start to laugh cool waves begin to sweep away all those aches and pains. It is said that this relaxation effect will last about 45 minutes or so. So laughter is a cool stress buster.
  • It boosts body immunity. With laughter, our body will start releasing endorphins that help in reducing levels of cortisol and adrenaline, the chemical substances that get accumulated with stress. Thus laughter indirectly strengthens the immune system.
  • Pain is an unpleasant sensation. Physical therapy modalities actually operate upon stimulating the release of endorphins for the relief of pain. Endorphins along with the betterment of mood play a great role in alleviating pain when we laugh.
Now, what actually are endorphins?
They are a group of chemical substances released in the body in response to stimuli like laughter, TENS application, soft tissue techniques like massage etc. Relaxing, pleasant thoughts in the brain trigger release of them, while toxic thoughts produce bad substances damaging our system.

You are what you think of; not what you eat...😊

It doesn't matter if the laughter is fake; fake laughter turns into real laughter eventually. This is very infectious making everyone in the group also laugh. Try LOL all alone and you will start LOL with a real feel in no time.

Laughter helps to improve social relationships by better bonding. It is quite natural we get attracted to people that make us LOL. With such people, conflicts will be rare. You will never feel isolated when you join laughter clubs. It is the best solution for lonely people. The sole business there is to LOL and nothing else. They take the business of laughing out loud seriously.

Laughter is a cool remedy for anxiety and fear. It improves mood. Lol brings a lot of joy to us, it improves optimism and self-confidence.

I need not elaborate on how to bring more humor, laughter, joy, and happiness in life. Comedy shows, funny clips, 'impractical jokers', jokes, laughter yoga classes, joke apps, online resources, a cute pet etc. etc., the list is endless!

Remember, happiness is your right; LOL is your duty.

Let us thank Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from India who almost single-handedly popularized the power of laughter. He started the movement called Laughter yoga years ago in India. He incorporated some body movements also while laughing and named it laughter yoga. Now as you all may be knowing, there are thousands of laughter clubs all over the world.

World laughter day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year.

Why do we become so tense and sensitive?

Before allowing ourselves to succumb to worry, fear and stress...ask ourselves these questions...!
  • Is the problem really serious?
  • Do I have to worry a lot about it?
  • Is it very important?
  • Are there no solutions or remedies? 
  • Can it be solved? 
  • Has it happened because of my fault?
  • From my experiences in the past does this problem at hand demand a lot of strenuous mental activity from my side?
  • Do I have to involve my friends and well-wishers to solve this problem?
Always remember, there are solutions to each and every problem in life; never, ever lose hope!

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Finally who actually said first that 'laughter is the best medicine'? King Solomon? If so, how did he find out this secret?

  • Accept the fact that there is nothing to lose by laughing for some time every day but there are many positive effects to better our mental and physical health attached with laughter. Laugh out loud; stimulate others also to laugh out louder.
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