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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Cloud watching, a meditative activity

Cloud watching @ Subhash Bose Park, Kochi
Cloud watching is a very enjoyable hobby. Not at all expensive, no need of any types of equipment, it only requires lying down somewhere and watching the clouds in the sky! Make a note of them, observe their movements, and try to make out some shapes. Some are fluffy, others are foggy, many are furry, a few are flaky, and there are plenty that looks feathery! The above picture was taken during a cloud watching session at the Subhash Bose Park at Kochi, in Kerala a few months ago. It was a very wonderful activity we enjoyed!

Cloud watching @ Cubbon park, Bangalore
This was taken at the Cubbon Park in Bangalore. It was a short session but good. The park as you know is full of trees and watching clouds move between the shades was pretty cool! Sometimes it is like a meditation connecting with nature. Try it, it is a wonderful way to relax!

This was also cloud watching done at a very close range. Such fluffy shapes looked very interesting indeed. Tiny bundles of fluffy shapes changed into a large mass and suddenly the sky was very blue! No clouds, just plain blue sky. So that was the experience of cloud watching while flying.

Try cloud watching as a meditative activity. It is a beautiful way to connect with nature. An effective way to relax.
  • There are different ways to meditate. Meditation calms the mind, slows the racing thoughts, and aid in whole body relaxation. Cloud watching as a method of meditation has the added advantage of connecting with nature in natural settings.
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