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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Banishing the blues - will sweets help?

Jelly candies...! 
This is yummy, my all time favorite :) As they say in the advert this is something that makes children, as well as adults, crave for every now and then.

Wiki says Haribo founder Hans Riegel Sr. introduced this attractive delicacy for the very first time in Germany in 1920. Now we have countless shapes and flavors that make us spoilt for choice all over the world. Gummi bears, Gummi worms, berries in all shapes and sizes, sour, sweet, fruity, is mind-boggling, indeed!

Well, anything in excess is poison. It is a well-known fact that we all reach for ice creams and sweet dishes when stress kicks in. It is not only the sweetness of these wonderful foods but the beautiful looks as well that make us reach for such things almost always overpowering our willpower. Craving for such things is an unhealthy way to de-stress. If you have access to low-calorie sweeteners like Stevia or similar things like that it is acceptable to a certain level. But it is always better to deal with emotional issues through healthy, positive measures and there are numerous solutions available off / online nowadays. Sometimes a hug is enough to feel comfy :). So next time before opening the Refrigerator for ice cream or emptying a packet full of jellies, just try some vegetable salad or a piece of fruit!

Well, jelly candies...a cool treat😊,😊
  • Beautiful things bring positive feelings. All sweet dishes look beautiful. No wonder these attractive cool delicacies help in banishing the blues. But there are much cooler, healthy choices available that bring positive vibes. 
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