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Monday, 18 March 2013

Ancient wisdom - South pointing chariot, awesome!

I am blogging in this post about an ancient equipment. It is a surprising example of the knowledge and wisdom of those people who lived so many years ago. We have plenty to learn from the history and make use of those nice qualities our ancestors possessed in present-day lives.

You can see this at the Ibn Batuta Mall in Dubai. This Mall is themed according to the travel experiences of Ibn Battuta, the famous 14th-century Arab explorer.

This cardinal direction pointing non-magnetic device was invented by the Chinese. The pointing arm of the figure will always be facing the south direction no matter whichever direction the chariot turned.

The chariot must have been used for navigational purposes by the ancient Chinese. This might have helped the warriors and travelers to negotiate the vast terrains in China. The mechanism operates by a differential gear system. No magnets were used.

Interesting...isn't it?

The Ibn Battuta Mall has Persia court, China court, Andalusia court, Egypt court, India court, and the Tunisia court.

Plenty of outlets...very good architecture...!

Lovely Mall to visit...!
  • The dire need for something to lessen the hardships in life stirs up imagination; it triggers the infinite possibilities the human mind is capable of, the end result is inventions like this.
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