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Monday, 18 August 2014

Creative ideas for success, an example - Wind catcher, an amazing traditional indoor temperature maintenance system!

Those who have traveled middle eastern countries might have noticed such tall cylindrical structures on top of buildings especially the old ones. These are actually 'wind catchers', they as the name suggests, literally 'catch' wind to direct the flow of it towards the interior of house creating a uniform airflow throughout, thus maintaining the temperature inside at a very cool level even in the hottest summer times when the temperature in the desert can go well above 50 degree Celsius. A marvelous traditional architectural innovation by the old generation that worked well effectively and is still relevant. Nowadays you will find many firms worldwide providing similar systems based on this unique concept to make our homes 'green'.

This system is very much environment-friendly.

Modern technology modified the traditional concept by adding solar powered fans to direct the flow inwards in a much more efficient manner. There are many technical things involved in the design of such wind-driven air management systems.

Well, I am not going into the technical details of this awesome innovation. Those who would like to know more please check

I googled to collect more info about wind catchers before posting this, wow...there are effective methods to remain 'cool' inside our homes during summer. In Kerala, day by day atmospheric temperature is going up, humidity levels are rising and rains becoming less. It is high time to conduct more research to find out 'greener methods' to make our life better.

We all have to learn a lot from our pasts; we have much more to learn from our ancestors. There is no denying the fact that they had more creative talents than us. Limited resources, the acute necessity to do things for survival, the day-to-day struggles to live life well, all made them work hard combined with the good human values that the society had at those times. Most of the innovations were made not with commercial eyes but with much better intentions for the betterment of human lives in general.

Things are possible, there is nothing like impossible! But the first step is always important. Start... action! We cannot learn to swim in water without getting into the water.

Be cool!
  • Our ancestors, with limited resources, were able to invent many things that made their life simpler. Wonder, how they could come out with such great innovations with very primitive technology at their disposal. Hats off to such creative minds!
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