Friday, 31 January 2014

Note taking for personal development - A beautiful notebook 😊

Thoughts shape up when you put them down on paper 😊. Very true!

I was contemplating buying a notebook, yes the real paper one, to write some notes about the things I need while at work. Then, as usual, after some procrastination, I finally bought this beautiful five subject notebook today.

"Thoughts shape up when you put them down", this beautiful quote in this notebook was truly inspiring.

I stopped writing notes in notebooks a long time ago; instead was using the "memo" in my smartphone or the "notepad" in my laptop. But those things always felt artificial. Let the old-fashioned notebook restore that natural flow and feel :)

A good ad campaign of  Ballarpur Industries Limited, this book's Company
  • Always be on the lookout for inspiration, boost your creativity, dream beautifully and decorate ou imagination.
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Friday, 24 January 2014

Malling... a modern way to chill out, Ibn Battuta mall in Dubai, theme inspired by the travels of Ibn Battuta, the great traveler

Today's post is about a very beautiful mall, Ibn Battuta mall, a themed mall in Dubai, inspired by the travels of the famous Arabic explorer Ibn Battuta. His full name is Abu Abdulla Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Al Lawati Al Tangi Ibn Batutta. (1304 to 1369).
Birthplace - Tangier, Morocco.
He was a great Islamic scholar and traveler.

At a very young age he started on a journey for the holy Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. This was a long journey and after completing the pilgrimage he decided to continue his travel to other countries that took many years before his return to Morocco. He has traveled extensively North Africa, Egypt, Swahili coast, Palestine, Syria, Andalusia, Persia, Tunisia, India, Srilanka, Maldives, China and finally back to Morocco. Upon his return almost thirty years later to Morocco he was appointed in the court of the Sultan. This ruler ordered his scribe to record the travel experiences of this great adventurer, the 'Rihla'. Rihla remains as the sole record of this great traveler's adventures.

There are plenty of world famous brands here.

The architecture of this mall is stunning !

I have already posted about 'South-pointing chariot', a wonderful instrument for finding directions used in ancient times in China. Very interesting equipment!

I am sure nobody will be bored visiting here especially if you are interested in history.

The picture above is of Ibn Battuta gate, where the Movenpick hotel is situated. Beautiful view! Hats off to this wonderful idea of building a mall conceived by the travels of this famous person.

The Islamic astrolabe

Food courts, restaurants, cinemas, you name it... they have it here! 
Hardships, dangerous circumstances, and adversities did not deter this great man from pursuing single-handedly the adventures and exploration of previously unknown, far away places, cultures, and lifestyles. His accounts gave mankind valuable insights into the life of people during those ancient times and contributed authoritative facts to history.

For more information :
  • Extraordinary achievements result from courage, great self-esteem, and passionate actions. 
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Monday, 6 January 2014

Blue ocean

Standing on the sandy shore my gaze stretches to infinity
It is amazing to watch the gentle waves listening to their chatter  
As I peer into the blue skyline merging deep, far and wide
I envy upon the Sun rising and setting in tranquility!

As the waves caress and tickle my feet gently
Slowly I feel like gliding in a wave of relaxation
It is wonderful to feel the water and sand embracing 
I forget myself allowing me to drift into joy and happiness!

Cool breeze invigorating the mind, body, and soul 
Like singing a melody to touch the hearts softly
How wonderful to feel it, embrace it, love it
Longing to experience the magic again and again!

Look at the children happily playing all around
Hopeful they build sand castles, dance with joy
Embrace them with your breeze, let them flourish with it
From you life originated, only you can sustain it forever!

  • Mother nature only can impart quality relaxation and rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul. Such a refreshing experience enjoying the cool breeze on the seashore! Lovely!
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