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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Relaxation - Enjoy seabreeze

'Abras', the traditional boats that ply the Dubai Creek
Enjoy sea breeze! Go to the beach and let the breeze unwind yourselves.

'Dhow', a sailing vessel, gliding through the waters!

An exhibit at the Dubai creek during the Dubai shopping festival 2011 - 12. Interesting attractions like these from many countries will be showcased like this during the festival time.

Entrance to Burdubai souq from the creek. Replicas, shawls, name it, it is all available here.

The famous Dubai dhow cruise. All illuminated dhows will be cruising here at night most of the days. Music, delicious food, dance, onboard magic shows etc. it is all fun! A must enjoy activity while in Dubai!!

Dubai creek at night during the DSF.

Enjoy these videos too :

A cool place to unwind after a hectic day of work, a peaceful spot to chill out, a hang out to sit quietly reading a! We need such things in life to live well. Natural methods to chill out bring everlasting wellness. Identify such cool spots and visit often. Allow some time for Nature to calm us.
  • Recreational activities like music, dance and good food are good stress busters. The most important point to remember is to enjoy the present moment, thoroughly.
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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Awesome Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi, enjoy it during Sunset

We call it 'Cheena vala', in the Malayalam language, our mother tongue in Kerala. 'Cheena' signifies something related to China.

'Chinese fishing nets', 'Shore operated stationary lift net' are some formal names of this popular tourist attraction in Fort Kochi  (Cochin) in Ernakulam district, Kerala, South India.

These are large, fixed fishing nets permanently erected on a platform raised and lowered into seawater by a cantilever mechanism. Heavy stones attached at one end acts as a counterbalance when a person walks along the pole that extends into the water area and the net sinks into the water. After some minutes, he walks back and the other fishermen pull the stone end of the pole down to raise the net from water to net the fish!

Cheena valas are a common sight in and around the historic Fort Kochi area. Some are present at Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam district.

Surprisingly, these nets never became extinct with the influx of the most modern fishing methods in Kerala. Currently, these have become historic symbols and are very popular tourist attractions. There is also a great demand for the catch and it sells quickly at a good price.

How they were introduced here is a matter of controversy. The name signifies it has a Chinese connection and probably were brought by the Chinese traders around the 13th or 14th century when Kerala had trade relations with China. There is also a strong basis of the finding that these were brought by Portuguese Casado settlers from Macau. Anyhow, these magnificent structures survived and still exist providing awesome, unforgettable images in the backdrop of the setting Sun. Undoubtedly, these would surely form the most photographed images in this coastal city! Just Google image search 'Kochi or Cochin attractions'! You will see so many images of these nets.

I will try to get a video of its operation asap. When I went there the other day it was late in the evening and cloudy.

Chinese, Portuguese and all others who came here for trade/invasion have left centuries ago. But these beautiful installations still stand here elegantly! People watch these centuries-old structures sitting on the seashore enjoying the cool breeze, especially in the evenings during Sunset. I think it is an awesome feeling when we watch the slow rhythm of its movements silhouetted against the setting Sun at the horizon!

There are many descriptions of experiences of people from all walks of life about the movement of these magnificent nets along the shores of Kochi. Many, from all over the world, have described the feel as 'hypnotic', well..they can't be wrong; the majority always win! Considering the huge number of visitors from different parts of the world with a sizable number returning year after year this can't be wrong. Such beautiful sights we have around us may send hypnotic vibes towards us. Accept it, enjoy it and be relaxed.
  • Soaking in the rays of evening Sun, enjoying the cool breeze and languishing in the memory of rich heritage, a wonderful way to relax. It is hypnotic, indeed!
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Monday, 15 April 2013

Relax, refresh, recharge - some cool mantras!

I like this video very much! 
Uploaded it today on YouTube! 
Watch it, you surely will like it.

I still remember the time spent during a weekend at the Dubai Creek. A cool breeze was blowing, I enjoyed chirping of the birds, it was very much refreshing!
  • Replenishing depleted energy stores, finding the time and ideal place to relax and unwind; look into all such things, they are very much important to balance life!
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Reduce stress...Abu Dhabi, Corniche, a gorgeous spot!

Abu Dhabi Corniche is a beautiful place. These snaps were taken at the far end where the Emirates Palace, Marina mall and the Centrepoint are located. 

A cool place to chill out and spend the evenings!

 The entrance to the Marina Mall.

Beautiful flowers!

A beautiful city has been built in the desert within a short period. Rapid developments are taking place in this region. Numerous projects with world-class facilities are already there and many more are in the pipeline. All of these are the result of effective leadership, professional coordination, and hard work.
  • Converting dreams into realities is possible by proper planning, efficient coordination, hard work and a determination to succeed with a flexible attitude.
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