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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Entrepreneurship - passion and dedication are essential for its success!

Awesome cupcakes...!

Anjali, my daughter's friend started this baking venture recently and we were more than happy to order all these delicacies from her the other day. Yummy...!

These beautiful cakes were a treat to our palates. The chocolate cupcakes were topped with a bit of both ganache and whipping cream. The texture of the cakes was spot on, flavor great and the presentation was brilliant! 

She makes so many cool flavors like this and we are planning to get more from her asap :)

Check her facebook page for more info :

Highly recommend :)

We wish this young entrepreneur all success :)

Some pictures sent by her are also included here of her creative beauties... enjoy!

  • Creativity originates from a passion about something. Coupled with dedication, perseverance and a right positive attitude an entrepreneur can make things happen.
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