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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Indoor gardening, a cool way to de-stress

Greenery indoors is something that makes us relaxed. It is refreshingly cool to see live plants inside our homes. Live plants are not at all difficult to grow indoors, give it some tender love and care, sure they will grow well.

Money plants are the easiest to grow, you may have to keep it once in a while in warm Sunlight. It will thrive well even if there is only limited Sunlight inside. I am growing money plants in water-filled containers. All others I am growing in soil, cocopeat or a mixture of both.

In my experience, we can depend on green lucky bamboo plants with full confidence. As you can see these two plants are placed where very little Sunlight falls. They are growing well, no problems whatsoever. They were never kept outside to in direct Sunlight! I am growing these in a potting mix of only cocopeat and not in water-filled containers or soil.

NASA has released a list of plants that purify indoor air. The emissions from TV, fluorescent lamps, refrigerator etc. pollute the indoor air and such plants help in improving the air quality.

Selection of plants, as I mentioned above, is very important. Even indirect Sunlight is enough for some plants to grow well. Self-watering containers limit the need for daily watering; it helps in keeping the plants hydrated when we go for vacation. I have already posted about making self-watering containers at home.

Attractive containers, beautiful plants...well, let us make our interiors lively.

No doubt, greenery indoors bring positive energy. Such cool sights inside our houses send positive signals to the brain that eventually help in banishing the blues we may experience in life. A clean and lively environment is a sure way to better our mood level. Add some life to our environment inside buildings. Use this to become a better person; let it also be a personal development tool. Plants provide excellent positive vibes.

Let us make our indoor environment also a better place to live.
  • Environment plays a lot in giving us positive energy. Adding a touch of greenery to our interiors is something that makes us relaxed and happy. 
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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Positive energy, Kashi art cafe, Fort Kochi - an update

Kashi art cafe is a very popular hangout in Fort Kochi.
I have already blogged about this amazing spot before, so please consider this post as an update. Kashi incidentally is one of the venues of the Kochi - Muziris Biennale 2014.

A visit to Fort Kochi will never be complete without a visit to Kashi, that is my opinion :)
This is an amazing cafe where art perfectly blends with coffee and the rest of the delicacies. Just sit where you can enjoy art, well...that means practically anywhere here, sip the cappuccino and you are in sync with the universe!

This massive portion of chocolate cake soaked in a golden brown chocolate sauce is a famous dish and is in great demand all the time.
Reasonably priced, of course😊

The old wooden railway sleepers put into use artistically... brilliant!

Art at the entrance...

Creepers, small plants, and trees intermingle with art and we also form a part of the whole thing, all in tune with Mother Nature!

There is no point in shutting ourselves indoors watching telly and munching on unhealthy snacks feeling stressed out avoiding meeting people. It will never make us feel better. Going somewhere where we feel uplifted, where we may get some clues to solve the problem that caused stress or talk to people who can offer some help are positive steps. When we get good vibes our brain will respond positively. Our subconscious mind will pick up all such good cues and make us feel better.

Some places are fabulous; there is positivity everywhere!
  • Anything, anywhere, anytime by anybody in sync with the rhythmic tunes of Nature will always be a success.
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Friday, 26 December 2014

Enjoy art in sync with Nature, Aspinwall house, one of the awesome venues of the Kochi - Muziris biennale 2014

Aspinwall House, a heritage property, is the primary venue of the Kochi - Muziris Biennale 2014.

Cochin (Kochi) was actually the center stage of maritime trade about a century and a half ago. Chinese, Arabs and Egyptians had trade relations with the Malabar coast long before the arrival of the British, Portuguese, and the French. It was the British who paved the way for a well-established trade of spices and condiments involving Kochi port as a major hub of export.

One of such firms was that of the Oughterson & Campbell established in 1844. They sold the business to Finlay Campbell & Co. of London in 1863. Mr. John Hutchison Aspinwall was sent to manage the assets and business in Cochin as a partner. In 1867 when the parent company suffered a stock market crash, the assets at Cochin came into the hands of Mr. J. H. Aspinwall and the enterprise came to be known as the Aspinwall & Co. from 30th June 1867. He was instrumental in developing the Kochi port and was the president of the Cochin Chamber of Commerce.

Bordered by the Arabian sea on one side this beautiful site serves as the perfect location for the Biennale. In the warehouses, buildings and even on the grounds reputed artists from all over the world have showcased their creations.

A swing😊

This is one of the star attractions here. This undulating, curvaceous pavilion was created by Mr. Vinu Daniel. This is the stage of the 'Artists' Cinema' and 'History Now', two parallel programs of this Biennale.

Amazing architecture!

Nice seats, coconut tree logs...:)

The moment we enter some places we feel happier, cooler and uplifted. Those places are said to emit positive vibes all the time. They remain in harmony with Nature resonating with the fluidity of the Universe. It is like undulating waves of soothing energy slowly caressing everything and everyone around. Imagine creative art being portrayed at places like these; it is pure bliss! These are the must-visit places to feel rejuvenated!
  • Some places instill in us wonderful feelings the moment we enter there. Such places get energized by generations of people and the universe also resonate in harmony to each and every element over there. 
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