Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ain al kasfa, a hot water spring in Al Rustaq, Sultanate of Oman

Ain al Kasfa, is a popular tourist destination in Al Rustaq, Al Batinah, Sultanate of Oman. This is a hot water spring where the water because of its high sulfur content is said to be therapeutic for rheumatism and skin diseases.

The spot is usually crowded especially during holidays and weekends. No swimming is allowed here but there are bathhouses where the water from the spring is channeled.

Visitors are allowed to immerse their feet in the spring water. The water is not unusually hot! maybe around 45°C, very pleasurable experience, surely rejuvenating :)

Being here reminded me of my visit to St. Ann's well of Buxton, in the UK, years ago. 

Al Hajir mountain range surrounds Al Rustaq. This spot is within a day's trip by road from Muscat. There are numerous forts, wadis and many more tourist attractions on the way and around this famous destination.                                               

I visited here in 2012. It was an awesome experience immersing feet in this hot water!

Initially, I was very much reluctant to do it fearing burns but seeing many people coolly doing it prompted me too to try it.

Wow, great!

I was tired of the long journey in the hot weather but I felt instantly rejuvenated!

Rejuvenation in any form is cool. We have to maintain and better our state of health. Spread awareness of such amazing spots in different parts of the world. Positive activity brings positive results.
  • Nature has provided many cool spots for rejuvenation. Make use of such gifts of nature; it is much, much better than artificial spas affordable and accessible only by spending a lot of money.  
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Ela said...

Beautiful pictures of oriental place
Greetings from a cold Poland


Thanks Ela :)
Honored by your visit and comment.
Snow is cool :)

Giga said...

Z przyjemnością bym w tej ciepłej wodzie zanurzyła nogi. W pieknym miejscu jest to źródło. Pozdrawiam.
I would love in the warm water dipped his feet. In a beautiful place is the source. Yours

Remembering Grace said...

Oh my goodness! That is beautiful... :)


Grace, it is an amazing spot :)
A natural spa !


Giga, thanks a lot !
Yes, its an awesome spot :) We all enjoyed very well :)

Ygraine said...

Wow...such beautiful places to visit...:)


Beautiful spot ! Thanks Ygraine :)

Birgitta said...

What a nice and beautiful place!

Christian Gagnon said...

It's a lovely place, thanks for sharing this post, it's wonderful to discover new places.

jonathan said...

I do enjoy visiting hot springs in Thailand and immersing my feet or bathing in the water are always a part of my joyful journey. You are right when you mentioned about the gifts of nature. We are but visitors not owners of these majestic places, that they are for all regardless of origin and status, the bounty of the world is for all to enjoy.


Beautiful comment ! Thanks Birgitta :)


Thanks so much :) Please visit again and write such beautiful comments !


Thank you so much my dear friend :)
Such spots are gifts on nature :)

Łucja-Maria said...

This place is unique, majestic ...
Warm springs are a unique natural phenomenon.
Thailand is a beautiful country egotistical.
Rajiv, thank you, thanks to you that I could see it.
Greetings from far away Polish.


Cool comment !
I am honored by your beautiful comment and visit. Thanks so much.

Thinker said...

I have terrible experience with these hot waters... we visited one in Manali (I think!) and the place was so god damn crowded with naked people... I puked after this horrible site...And once again in Chamoli
These waters are definitely not respected here!
But these same in USA, are so well maintained and kept!!!

Your experience sounds definitely better than mine


Ain al kasfah is in the Middle east and there as you may be aware people respect the rules and regulations. As I have mentioned in the post bath houses are provided where water from this spring is channeled.
Thanks for the comment, Thinker :)

Irina said...

I'd love something like that now, in this cold February! )))


Wow, great!
There it is cold, here summer!
Thanks, irina :)

Brian Miller said...

very cool.
i would love to visit one day.


You sure will like the place !

Shirley Tay said...

Mmmm..... how did I miss this post....... I'm not one who appreciate hot spring as the water is usually too hot for me. I recalled how my friends & I looked like lobsters after coming out of the onsen in Japan. Hahaha!


It is hot, but was ok for me :)

Amelia said...

Hi Rajiv, interesting and beautiful place to visit. Thanks for the tour. I yet to visit any hot spring thou there are a few in Malaysia. One is 2 hours drive from my place, the other one is 7 hours drive.

Best regards.


Amelia, wow...there are hot springs there too ! Hope you will blog about those asap. It will be interesting :)
Thank you, Amelia.