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Friday, 2 May 2014

Superfoods for better health- Chillis...a hot and healthy superfood! Live well...

Why chillis are considered as a superfood?
  • Weight loss 
Chillis help in reducing body weight. It is gaining acceptance and popularity as a weight loss food. They boost metabolism and help in burning fat.
  • Heart health, cholesterol lowering and blood thinning actions
This superfood improves circulation. It is thought to reduce cholesterol levels and acts as a blood thinner. Being a blood thinner it may have a role in the prevention of stroke. Chillis prevent blood clot formation also. It improves heart health being a circulation booster and cholesterol reducing agent.
  • Reduce blood sugar 
There are many studies claiming chillis ability to lower blood sugar. So few chillis a day if good for reducing blood sugar is a good thing. It may help people on medications to reduce the dosage.

Also, it has been found that the insulin surge that happens normally after a meal rich in sweets and carbs gets reduced markedly with chili consumption. This has relevance in controlling obesity and weight loss too.
  • Reduces inflammation 
So it is useful in arthritis and related disorders. It also has pain-relieving actions.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
This, as the name suggests, is an irritating disease. Chillis are supposed to be effective here.
  • Neuropathy and pain
Since it has the ability to control pain it is effective in these conditions too.
  • Anti-cancerous
Some studies found that Chillies reduce stomach cancer risk. Capsaicin, the active compound in chillis retards the growth of cancer cells. It is also claimed to limit the spread of prostatic cancer.
  • Relaxation improves mental alertness
It improves alertness and may be useful in depression. Natural endorphins are released that better our mood. Well, it literally burns so how can anyone feel blue then, lol!

Surprising that hot chillis also have become superfoods!

I thought of writing this post when I watched a chilli trail on traveler channel a week ago. They tasted different types of chillis and hot sauces across America at various outlets. I laughed seeing them doing the typical dance moves people do when they feel the burning hot sensation, a familiar scenario all over the world :) after consuming hot chillis!

But I was surprised when I stumbled upon the wonderful medicinal value of this hot stuff when I browsed the web! The chilli has to be eaten raw to obtain it's full health benefits. And it is no easy task! Be slow and steady :) and be careful too! 

Always consult your doctor before doing such things like following a health tip. Only your doctor can decide what is good for you.

Dairy products help in reducing the burn. Have a cup of yogurt or milk ready if you are going to give it a try! They are better than cold water.

I have seen in the middle east chilli kept in vinegar with a little salt; it tastes yummy along with Shawarma, a popular Arabic snack. In India too some people like chilli in vinegar. Shawarma is rolled pita bread stuffed with chicken or beef with lettuce, potato chips, and garlic paste. The chicken soaked in exotic masala is stacked layer by layer on a metal rod in Shawarma maker, slow cooked to perfection by flame and cut into small pieces to be stuffed into bread.   

Food gives us pleasure. No philosophy will get into our heads if we are hungry. Good foods better our moods. Healthy foodstuffs bring positive health. Safeguard health.

Always remember, health is priceless. 
  • Nature has provided us with many unique gifts. Some may look ugly, taste bitter but they are treasure houses of well being. Our duty is to identify those, study about them and let others also know about the good things about it.
Note: Please read the DISCLAIMER attached to this blog.

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