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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Art - use it to boost creativity

Water temple, an artwork by Song Dong
Inspired by his dad's tip to improve the calligraphical skills and at the same time to save paper and ink Song Dong, an artist based at Beijing has started painting on glass with water using a brush and it formed the basis of this masterpiece at the Aspinwall House, the main venue of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018. We can enter inside this glass enclosure and create our own masterpieces as well, just paint using water and brushes kept there. So use this space to tweak your artistic skills, let your creativity develop!

A good creative pursuit!

Another one, also good!
The above ones were created by some of the people while I visited there. The canvas clears by itself naturally for the ones that come afterward. What a beautiful idea, brilliant!

Artist's profile and what this is all about
This artist has gifted this edition of Biennale a beautiful art which is located at the sprawling compound of the Aspinwall House gelling well with the natural surroundings. Such works provide an interactive platform for the visitors which undoubtedly make them more involved with the creative pieces of art. 

My attempt :)
The above one was made by myself. I leave the interpretation to you😊

Philosophically speaking, all of us are visiting this planet for our destined period. The vast canvas is kept clean by the universe, that is its rule, its duty. We are free to draw whatever we like, paint it and decorate it. It is all up to us how we do it! Once our time here ends, the same canvas will be wiped clean, the next ones in the line step in, and will begin their turn in front of it. Now it is all their world, their life, they can do whatever they like to do with it. How they make use of their time here is only what that matters! Metaphorically, if something needs to last a little longer or we wish to make it last more, paint it frequently, add water little by little, and this reminds us the need to give more attention to such matters of importance. If not, the picture dries up quickly making the canvas blank. Care, attention, and putting our heart into whatever is our passion are some of the important things to be successful.

A great work, indeed! Thank you so much, Song😊

Check this video on YouTube
  • Art is powerful. When it is interactive it becomes more powerful. Energizing positive vibes emanate from such masterpieces that make people better, and more receptive to joy and happiness in life.

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Friday, 26 December 2014

Enjoy art in sync with Nature, Aspinwall house, one of the awesome venues of the Kochi - Muziris biennale 2014

Aspinwall House, a heritage property, is the primary venue of the Kochi - Muziris Biennale 2014.

Cochin (Kochi) was actually the center stage of maritime trade about a century and a half ago. Chinese, Arabs and Egyptians had trade relations with the Malabar coast long before the arrival of the British, Portuguese, and the French. It was the British who paved the way for a well-established trade of spices and condiments involving Kochi port as a major hub of export.

One of such firms was that of the Oughterson & Campbell established in 1844. They sold the business to Finlay Campbell & Co. of London in 1863. Mr. John Hutchison Aspinwall was sent to manage the assets and business in Cochin as a partner. In 1867 when the parent company suffered a stock market crash, the assets at Cochin came into the hands of Mr. J. H. Aspinwall and the enterprise came to be known as the Aspinwall & Co. from 30th June 1867. He was instrumental in developing the Kochi port and was the president of the Cochin Chamber of Commerce.

Bordered by the Arabian sea on one side this beautiful site serves as the perfect location for the Biennale. In the warehouses, buildings and even on the grounds reputed artists from all over the world have showcased their creations.

A swing😊

This is one of the star attractions here. This undulating, curvaceous pavilion was created by Mr. Vinu Daniel. This is the stage of the 'Artists' Cinema' and 'History Now', two parallel programs of this Biennale.

Amazing architecture!

Nice seats, coconut tree logs...:)

The moment we enter some places we feel happier, cooler and uplifted. Those places are said to emit positive vibes all the time. They remain in harmony with Nature resonating with the fluidity of the Universe. It is like undulating waves of soothing energy slowly caressing everything and everyone around. Imagine creative art being portrayed at places like these; it is pure bliss! These are the must-visit places to feel rejuvenated!
  • Some places instill in us wonderful feelings the moment we enter there. Such places get energized by generations of people and the universe also resonate in harmony to each and every element over there. 
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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Fluidity of horizons by Parvathi Nayar, an amazing art, Kochi Muziris biennale 2014

"The starting point of these explorations is the dot, the punctum (the point) whose endless iterations..."  I liked it, very meaningful words!

This brilliant artist has included so many facets of the ancient history of the Malabar coast in this work especially the skillful integration of 'astrolabe', an astronomical instrument widely used by explorers during that time.

Beautiful creation!

A must see art, do not miss it 😊

Pepper, dubbed as the 'black gold' and other condiments and spices attracted many explorers to this part of the world that led to a series of historical events which as you all know finally became a double-edged sword - the story of how the visitors became the rulers!   watch the interview with the artist.

I have written a post some time ago about the 'Ibn Battuta mall' in Dubai where I have posted a picture of Islamic astrolabe

Artists are creative people. They express ideas in a creative manner stimulating us to think, enjoy and smile :) Art can become powerful tools to convey messages, and it may trigger many complex emotions. It is a powerful medium. 
  • Only art can reflect certain delicate aspects of life.
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