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Sunday, 21 June 2015

International day of yoga, June 21

Today is Sunday, the day we normally get up late, spend it lying on the couch lazily watching telly and enjoy the delicacies that are served on the dining table if not visiting some weekend spots. The routine was more or less the same today too initially until the TV was switched on. Live telecast was going on from the Rajpath in New Delhi, the capital of India where Mr. Narendra Modi, our Honourable Prime Minister was leading the yoga session conducted as part of the celebration on this auspicious day where more than 35,000 people participated. Similar events took place almost all over India with remote snow-covered regions like Siachen and Kargil included where defense personnel performed yoga.

Busy with work and the inevitable pressures associated with it, I was totally detached with the buzz about it around these days, so much so, I almost missed this historic celebration. I felt guilty for not performing yoga for a long time, even though I have learned it perfectly well. Promptly got down from the couch, dusted the yoga mat and while watching the mega event performed the postures (asanas).

Yoga needs no introduction. When I was in my twenties, being a voracious reader, I happened to read many things about yoga that made me interested in it and the only option available to learn it then was to buy a book and do it by myself. Remember this was the time when yoga was not at all popular and its benefits were largely unknown. The popular belief was that yoga could do harm to the body. There were a few practitioners and teachers, but no one was sure who or what was right. I bought a book written by a journalist and started doing some of the asanas that invited considerable ridicule by parents, friends, and relatives. To be honest, I felt bored after some time and stopped doing it. Slowly yoga became popular in India mainly with the inflow of westerners who thronged the ashrams and other spiritual places in India seeking gurus and nirvana. I restarted the training soon after my graduation, this time attending classes conducted by a qualified yoga master. It was an awesome experience and I am thankful to him for guiding me through the wonderful world of yogic bliss and joy! It was simply amazing! After almost two months into practice, I began experiencing a 'never felt before' well-being that I find it difficult to express in words. A friend of mine commented about the 'glow' that I have had, probably indicating the positive aura induced by the regular practice of this great philosophy gifted to us by our ancestors. Thereafter, I can only say that I remained as an on and off practitioner of yoga. But on this auspicious day of summer solstice, the International day of yoga, I made a resolution inspired by the spirit of millions from all over the world, that I will practice it daily from now on, no matter what. Witnessing the enthusiasm shown by the people from different walks of life, from each and every nook and corner of the world made me motivated once again and at the same time making me ashamed for ignoring such an awesome thing for a very long time even though I was fortunate to get to know and experience the magnificent world of yoga a long time ago!

Mr. Narendra Modi, our Honourable Prime Minister appealed to the UN last year to mark June 21st as the International day of yoga. This was agreed upon immediately by the Assembly and the rest is history. Today we all witnessed the sheer enthusiasm with which world celebrated the yogic way of life that is based on peace, inner joy, and bliss. Yoga is not a set of postures or exercises, but a way of life, a philosophy based on living in tune with the self, others around us and Nature. Yoga shows the way to live in harmony with the vibes of the Universe. The speech by the Honourable Prime Minister at a yoga conference in New Delhi was brilliant that made me wonder what more the delegates could discuss other than what he had said. A great orator and visionary!

Dear friends, please share your experiences with yoga. How did the celebrations go in your country?
  • Yoga is a gift to mankind by God. Of the many things showered upon us by Him, this one needs special mention. It is something that one needs to experience because it shows the way to a beautiful and happy life.
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