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Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to pass tests easily? Win over the challenge of examinations easily

Do we really like tests? Honestly answer this question... !

Yes or no, examinations, regular assessments, and appraisals still remain as evaluating tools to determine a student's knowledge and training. The practice of evaluation of a three or four-year course including training with just a final examination lasting some hours is not a very reliable method of assessment of a candidate's abilities. Overall assessment periodically taking into consideration the performance during the whole duration of the course including personal development would be a better evaluation tool than the traditional questionnaire examination method. Most examinations can be passed by going through the questions asked in the previous examinations; it might take repeated attempts for someone who performed poorly before attaining a pass. Repeated attempts make a candidate pass without any real effort or improving knowledge than before; the pass most of the time being granted out of humanitarian considerations. Some good candidates have examination phobia that makes them nervous only to perform poorly in examinations but they actually are the best in business. It is interesting to note that some poor candidates who have failed repeatedly in their examinations have become successful in life quickly and fare better than their topper colleagues. Academic performance alone cannot be taken as a reliable indicator of real-life success. 

However, let us look into ways to win over the challenge of examinations.

Common knowledge...isn't it?
Well... it is not the routine homework that we all do.

You will have to collect in detail everything about the course, what to study?, the study hours, the pattern of  examinations, the evaluation/grading system, the scope of getting into a job after studies or start a business after years of study, your life in the campus, your instructors' attitudes, the fee etc. etc. before you join the course. Always remember that you will be influenced by the whole process of education and training during the years you spent at the educational institution. Try to talk to the alumni. If possible visit the campus and get a first-hand idea about what is going on. Interact with students at all levels. Shop around; you may get better deals and better places to study according to your liking. Even if an Institution is prestigious it may not be suitable for your temperament. Choose wisely!
The more you think of it the clearer the picture will be. If you think the end justifies the effort you are going to put in, well... go for it and this glittering goal will uplift your spirits. If you are optimistic about the wonderful and exciting opportunities that await you the moment you clear your examinations, you have already won the race before you actually have started the race. If you think you will enjoy the studies and campus life you are right on track.      

Finish your day's work that day itself. Complete the assignments on the same day. Be methodical and systematic. Always reinforce your goals. You have joined for this course at this prestigious University to undergo training and studies to become a professional. Learning is your most important activity and that must be given top priority. All other things are secondary and never give undue importance to such things. Don't be distracted.

First of all acknowledge the fact that you are also a human being like all others on the campus and you also have weaknesses, shortcomings and your own personal problems. Nothing to be ashamed of. No one is hundred percent perfect. There can be jealousy, hatred, and bitterness in many students but don't get put off by such things. The campus is a cross section of the society you live in and always expect to interact with different types of people. If you think you need help you can find a student counselor; most of the schools will have one. It is always better to go for professional help than suffering from your problem. Win over those things and pursue your goals to win the challenge. Great things await you!

Attempt mock examinations. If your instructor doesn't conduct one you yourself can do it. Be your own examiner. Honestly do it. The more you practice it the more your chances to win. Collect old question papers if possible. Find out details of examinations from your instructors. Discuss your concerns with them. Be bold enough to do it. They are also human beings like you.  Talk to students in senior grades and get advice. The more data you collect, the more prepared you will be to tackle the challenge.

You can find countless memory improvement techniques in books and internet like pegging, association techniques, mental visualization, mind maps etc. Our brain has a tremendous capacity to store complicated things for a long long time. It retrieves information fast. Improve your memory.

Reputed academic institutions give a lot of importance to psychological issues. Make use of the services of a counselor if available. Discuss issues with them openly. Emotional issues if becoming troublesome should be addressed as quickly as possible. Instructors and seniors also may be able to help you in different ways to attain your goals.

Learn meditation.

The best way to win over the challenge of examinations is to be prepared well ahead of it. Approach examination in a confident way. Be optimistic. Cultivate a positive attitude. Make use of the time in the campus to develop your personality in a positive way.

Well...this is a very tricky and sensitive topic. You must know who is a true friend. A true friend will inspire you, motivate you, support you, correct your mistakes, advice you, will ask you for advice if needed, co-operate with you to attain your professional and personal goals and share with you their experiences. You also will reciprocate by doing the same things. It is a harmonious relationship where you two win all the time. No losers here. Cultivate such good friendships. Co-operate to attain your goals and help others as well. Build a good reputation in the Campus about yourself.

Campuses all over the world have many types of unhealthy negative influences. ALWAYS KEEP AWAY FROM SUCH THINGS. If you don't like to party or drink don't do it for company's sake. No true friend(s) will force you or stop their friendship with you for not joining for something you don't like. You have a great vision and your goals are clear. You are focused on your studies to attain success. You have prioritized activities according to their importance. Strengthen your willpower.

Learn new hobbies. Make your life colorful. Enjoy each and every moment of your life.

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