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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Relaxation - Enjoy seabreeze

'Abras', the traditional boats that ply the Dubai Creek
Enjoy sea breeze! Go to the beach and let the breeze unwind yourselves.

'Dhow', a sailing vessel, gliding through the waters!

An exhibit at the Dubai creek during the Dubai shopping festival 2011 - 12. Interesting attractions like these from many countries will be showcased like this during the festival time.

Entrance to Burdubai souq from the creek. Replicas, shawls, name it, it is all available here.

The famous Dubai dhow cruise. All illuminated dhows will be cruising here at night most of the days. Music, delicious food, dance, onboard magic shows etc. it is all fun! A must enjoy activity while in Dubai!!

Dubai creek at night during the DSF.

Enjoy these videos too :

A cool place to unwind after a hectic day of work, a peaceful spot to chill out, a hang out to sit quietly reading a! We need such things in life to live well. Natural methods to chill out bring everlasting wellness. Identify such cool spots and visit often. Allow some time for Nature to calm us.
  • Recreational activities like music, dance and good food are good stress busters. The most important point to remember is to enjoy the present moment, thoroughly.
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