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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Positive energy, Kashi art cafe, Fort Kochi - an update

Kashi art cafe is a very popular hangout in Fort Kochi.
I have already blogged about this amazing spot before, so please consider this post as an update. Kashi incidentally is one of the venues of the Kochi - Muziris Biennale 2014.

A visit to Fort Kochi will never be complete without a visit to Kashi, that is my opinion :)
This is an amazing cafe where art perfectly blends with coffee and the rest of the delicacies. Just sit where you can enjoy art, well...that means practically anywhere here, sip the cappuccino and you are in sync with the universe!

This massive portion of chocolate cake soaked in a golden brown chocolate sauce is a famous dish and is in great demand all the time.
Reasonably priced, of course😊

The old wooden railway sleepers put into use artistically... brilliant!

Art at the entrance...

Creepers, small plants, and trees intermingle with art and we also form a part of the whole thing, all in tune with Mother Nature!

There is no point in shutting ourselves indoors watching telly and munching on unhealthy snacks feeling stressed out avoiding meeting people. It will never make us feel better. Going somewhere where we feel uplifted, where we may get some clues to solve the problem that caused stress or talk to people who can offer some help are positive steps. When we get good vibes our brain will respond positively. Our subconscious mind will pick up all such good cues and make us feel better.

Some places are fabulous; there is positivity everywhere!
  • Anything, anywhere, anytime by anybody in sync with the rhythmic tunes of Nature will always be a success.
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