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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Ego and superego - recognize it, tackle it...

We meet egoistic people everywhere.

This, of course, is quite normal, ego is something every human being possess. But consider a situation when a human being behaves completely dominated by the superego without any regard for the people, surroundings, and things in the environment. A lot of people can relate to such instances of interaction with problematic, toxic, venomous humans who spread negative energy all over. There will not be any difference of opinion in stating the fact that dealing with such a situation, and interaction with such individuals is a difficult thing.

The most important point here is the identification of such an ego state in an individual. This is something people often fail to notice. Such giant sized egoistic bullies are experts at identifying weak targets and almost always will be part of an influential lobby with some Godfather protection. They themselves do not have any individuality, character, or self-esteem. But they derive their happiness by poking fun, finding faults, and creating trouble for the less dominant people thereby making their lives problematic. Even if we do something great or act heroic, do not expect they will behave nicely.

The situation is very common, the facts are crystal clear, and just always remember this fact. A well-wisher will never ever make you uncomfortable, feel mediocre or negatively criticize! They will not judge you. So listen to such people only and not to others who try to bring you down whatever good you do.

  • Be on the lookout for the negative energy, always keep the eyes and ears open detecting it; the moment it gets detected wear the psychological armor, get away, cleanse the mind, body, and soul asap. 

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