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Saturday, 23 December 2017

History and heritage - how are they important in personal development?

All academic textbooks will dedicate some pages, that too, in the beginning, to the history of the topic it deals with. People proudly exhibit valuable possessions from the past in front of their business establishments and the same is true in the case of households as well, all across the world. We all get inspired by the wonderful things from the past, amazing creations and inventions of our forefathers and strive hard to protect the heritage sites, preserve them and learn from them to enrich history. Are those things from the past outdated, irrelevant and not something to spend time and money upon? Unfortunately, such thoughts, attitudes, and the resultant actions destroyed many treasures of the past.

We often hear about 'the theory revisited, lessons from history, what to learn from the past, things re-invented' etc. If we do not care or study the base upon which a topic has been developed we will not be able to understand it well, explain it clearly and in detail and to develop it further. Research is a continuous process, what we profess today will become history tomorrow. But the whole process has relevance and importance irrespective of the time frame. 

The above picture is of the St. Francis CSI Church at Fort Kochi, in Kerala, South India. This is the first church built by the Europeans in India. This was built in 1503 by the Portuguese explorers and the most prominent among them was Vasco da Gama. He died in 1524 while he was at Fort Kochi and was buried here initially. His mortal remains were removed to Lisbon some years later. Portuguese built the Fort Emmanuel at the beach and the place gradually acquired the name Fort Kochi. 

The culture, the lively environment, the things that shaped up what we see now, are all interlinked and this is a continuous process. This place is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination and without its rich heritage how could this place become what it is right now with so many people from all over the world visiting, each one contributing a little at the least to its culture? This cultural transformation is a dynamic process and the study of the past, present, and the future and not only the present and the future will help in further development of this beautiful place. It is only because of its vibrant, rich and lively past this amazing destination had gained a lot of popularity which will mesmerize everyone visiting and this is the reason they keep on coming back, for more and more. 
  • Past, present, and the future, the flow is continuous; it is a dynamic process and not separate entities. Learn from the past, cherish beautiful memories, live the present well, and build an awesome future!
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Friday, 26 December 2014

Enjoy art in sync with Nature, Aspinwall house, one of the awesome venues of the Kochi - Muziris biennale 2014

Aspinwall House, a heritage property, is the primary venue of the Kochi - Muziris Biennale 2014.

Cochin (Kochi) was actually the center stage of maritime trade about a century and a half ago. Chinese, Arabs and Egyptians had trade relations with the Malabar coast long before the arrival of the British, Portuguese, and the French. It was the British who paved the way for a well-established trade of spices and condiments involving Kochi port as a major hub of export.

One of such firms was that of the Oughterson & Campbell established in 1844. They sold the business to Finlay Campbell & Co. of London in 1863. Mr. John Hutchison Aspinwall was sent to manage the assets and business in Cochin as a partner. In 1867 when the parent company suffered a stock market crash, the assets at Cochin came into the hands of Mr. J. H. Aspinwall and the enterprise came to be known as the Aspinwall & Co. from 30th June 1867. He was instrumental in developing the Kochi port and was the president of the Cochin Chamber of Commerce.

Bordered by the Arabian sea on one side this beautiful site serves as the perfect location for the Biennale. In the warehouses, buildings and even on the grounds reputed artists from all over the world have showcased their creations.

A swing😊

This is one of the star attractions here. This undulating, curvaceous pavilion was created by Mr. Vinu Daniel. This is the stage of the 'Artists' Cinema' and 'History Now', two parallel programs of this Biennale.

Amazing architecture!

Nice seats, coconut tree logs...:)

The moment we enter some places we feel happier, cooler and uplifted. Those places are said to emit positive vibes all the time. They remain in harmony with Nature resonating with the fluidity of the Universe. It is like undulating waves of soothing energy slowly caressing everything and everyone around. Imagine creative art being portrayed at places like these; it is pure bliss! These are the must-visit places to feel rejuvenated!
  • Some places instill in us wonderful feelings the moment we enter there. Such places get energized by generations of people and the universe also resonate in harmony to each and every element over there. 
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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Peaks and valleys - a book review

A great book!

'Who moved my cheese ?' was the first book I read written by Dr. Spencer Johnson. What an awesome book it was! Enjoyed it so many times over all these years. Now another gem...'Peaks and valleys'!

The story revolves around a wise old man and a young chap about tackling successfully the low downsides in life and to make use of it too work for our own good both in work and life. It also details how we can enjoy more while at the peak, prolong this phase as well as to prepare ourselves to deal with the inevitable valley life in a better way.

Simply written, sure you all will enjoy this motivational book.
  • While at the peak, at the pinnacle of a career, basking in the glory of limelight we may not think how lonely it can become when a crisis hits. Books like these give hope, restore confidence and provide great help when nothing seems working. 
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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Beauty of Nature, butterflies - a poem

Hopping, singing, dancing, caressing, not missing anyone 
Enjoying the beauty, satisfying all, tasting the sweet nectar 
Now I know why they sing, dance, radiate color, smiling 
Lucky you, make them happier, let them sparkle with joy! 

Who weaved those colors on your garment, magnificent? 
Who taught you those graceful movements, the melody? 
Who sent you to sprinkle delight, satisfy, instill vitality? 
Who created you beautiful, lovely, making others envious? 

Allow me to touch you sweet, let me feel the velvety wings 
Let me come closer, let me hear you singing the divine tune 
The chorus too, by the already blossomed, dancing beauties
Let us all sing together, with the soft, gentle breeze around!

Come every day, this is yours, all yours, enjoy, all the time
There are many to blossom, in the days to come, all beauties
Let us try new tunes, new chorus, radiate warmth, joy, and love 
It is you who makes it vibrant, colorful, the blessing of nature!

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