Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sreekumar Sreedharan, a very talented artist !

Mr Sreekumar Sreedharan is a very talented artist. He has sent this to me the other day. Love this...

For more details about this great artist check the following links please...

All the best, my dear friend...thank you so much and are great !
  • Creativity is something that flows naturally from people who have inborn talent. They will gift the world precious things even if they do not get the appreciation that is due to them.

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  1. This is gorgeous! My favorite part is the elephant. Your friend really is very talented. :-)

  2. Hi Lexa, sorry for the delay in posting a reply here. Many thanks for your comment.

    I have added some links in this post for those interested in knowing more about Mr Sreekumar Sreedharan, the artist.

  3. Wow, another awesome sharing! Thks so much for the blogroll, I'll be checking out this space more! Have a wonderful week, Rajiv!

  4. You are welcome and thanks a lot for this comment, Shirley.

  5. I like how the many details such as animals and revered things such as the Lotus are subtly visible and not contradicting. A great artwork!

    1. Thanks Mr Jonathan. I feel honored you writing such a beautiful comment here.
      Please connect with Mr Sreekumar through the facebook link. You can view plenty of his works there.

  6. I love the bold lines and soft colors.

  7. Hi Medeia, thank you for this comment.
    Mr Sreekumar is a very talented artist. I will try to post more works if possible.

  8. Hi! Thanks for dropping by in my site.
    This is a very interesting work of art.
    You have a nice blog too:)

    1. Hi Joy, thanks for your comment. I feel honored.
      Mr Sreekumar is very talented; you may please connect with him through the links mentioned in my post.

  9. Hi Rajiv, that's a nice piece of art. Very spectacular. Your friend is so talented.

    Have a great week ahead, regards.

  10. Hi Amelia, thank you so much for your beautiful comment.

    Mr Sreekumar is very talented, you may please connect with him using the links provided.

    Wish you also a great week ahead.

    Thanks again
    Kind regards

  11. Hello Rajiv,

    thank a bunch for your nice comment!

    I relly like this picture above - you're right, the artist is really talented!!


    1. Thanks a lot Caro lina for this beautiful comment.

      Please drop in here again and add comments. Go through other posts too.

      You may connect with him through the links mentioned.


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